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William Stone

William Stone

William has spent 20 plus years in the custom manufacturing industry as a COO, CEO and Owner of various custom product businesses. His experience has exposed him to all types of manufacturing from die cast, die struck, injection molding, CNC machining, laser etching, engraving and of course 3D printing.

He is no stranger to evolving technology and has jumped into the additive 3D printing process with the same enthusiasm as he has with the traditional subtractive manufacturing methods.

He keeps up with the trends and developments of 3D printing by reading, researching and writing about the many aspects of this new and developing technology. He does not write all the articles, rather he contributes to the topics from which each article is then written by a group of contributors.

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3D Printing Spot was founded on the idea of producing the most helpful, and easy-to-read 3D printing content possible.  

Our goal is to explain a technical topic in ordinary language, so you and I, ordinary people, can unleash our creativity with 3D printing.  

My name is Craig Fry and I have spent 20 plus years in the custom lapel pin manufacturing industry, so I am no stranger to changing and evolving technology in manufacturing.  It’s what ultimately brought me to 3D printing.  

When 3D printing was first introduced my eyes lit up and I wondered two things.  First, would it ever replace the traditional diecast or diestruck method of producing custom lapel pins.  And second, how could I take advantage of what seemed the endless possibilities of 3D printing going forward.  

Just think, if a house can be printed with 3D printing, I’m certain your vision can be printed too.  

So, my search began for 3D printing information.  What I discovered was, it was hard to find the answers all in one SPOT.  Hence, the 3D Printing Spot website was born.  Granted, things will change and continue to evolve, but we are committed to producing a steady stream of information to keep up with those changes.

Our writers are experienced and will cover topics suited for both the beginner all the way to the advanced.  If at any time, you are unable to find a specific answer just let us know here and we will address it in a subsequent post.

We should also confess we are not perfect, so if you find an error or have a better answer please let us know.  Together we can create a 3D Printing Spot that has it all.

We hope you enjoy the site and find the answers that help you Unleash Your Creativity with 3D Printing!

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