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Where To Get Polycarbonate Division 2

Where To Get Polycarbonate Division 2 | 3D Printing Spot

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William Stone


September 20, 2023

Are you stuck on how to get polycarbonate in Division 2? We will explore the different areas where to get polycarbonate Division 2.

Where can you get polycarbonate in Division 2? Where can you farm polycarbonate in Division 2? Which are the different ways you can get polycarbonate in Division 2?

To get polycarbonate in Division 2, you can farm the Control Points after taking over, redeem the one-time gift from Uplay Rewards, dismantle weapons and gear, collect it from enemy drops, check underground sewers and collect small amounts across Washington D.C.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the different methods and areas you can get polycarbonate in Division 2. So, if you are playing this game and you are wondering where to get polycarbonate for building your gear and weapons or upgrading your Crafting Bench, then the answers are right here.

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If you’ve ever played Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, you may have probably noticed that things move up a notch higher once you hit level 30. On this level, you have five World Tiers to conquer. To achieve this, you will have to craft usable gear and powerful weapons at every stage.

To create this equipment, you will need to assemble different materials. Some materials are readily available, while others are rare to find. And, one of the rarest materials needed to craft gear and weaponry is polycarbonate. The problem is that you must use this material when upgrading from World Tier 4 to World Tier 5.

The question is, where do you get polycarbonate in Division 2 for crafting various weapons and components? Well, there are several areas where you can find polycarbonate for crafting gear and weapons.

Where to Get Polycarbonate Division 2

As highlighted above, polycarbonate is required for crafting gear and weapons. Also, you will need it if you want to upgrade your Crafting Workbench. Without enough polycarbonate, you will struggle to move from one tier to the next. Fortunately, there are a couple of methods which you can use to get polycarbonate Division 2 quickly. They include:

Seize Control Points

The Control Points provide one of the easiest ways of getting polycarbonate in Division 2. Whenever you seize control points, especially in the Downtown East area, it’s highly likely the loot in the various supply rooms will contain polycarbonate. So, ensure you keep revisiting these supplies and keep opening them. And with time, you will manage to amass a considerable amount of polycarbonate. You can then use this polycarbonate to upgrade and re-stock your ammo or enhance your Workbench accordingly.

Uplay Rewards

Another method that you can use to get polycarbonate in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is through a one-time gift from Uplay Rewards. To get polycarbonate via this method, you will be required to spend some Ubisoft points. By doing so, you will be rewarded with at least two packs of crafting material. The two packs that you will receive will each contain some polycarbonate.

As much as the polycarbonate that you get through this method will just be a small amount, it will provide a good start. At the end of the day, it’s better than having any polycarbonate.

But, it’s important to note that you can’t fully depend on this method for a reliable supply of polycarbonate since you can only redeem it once. However, if you have some spare credits that you don’t mind losing, then you can redeem them for the Standard Materials Pack, which will contain some polycarbonate.

Dismantling Weapons and Gear

Another way of getting polycarbonate in Division 2 is by deconstructing weapons and gear. As much as this may not be the most or most lucrative method to get polycarbonate in Division 2, it still provides an option, especially if you have a considerable collection of gear.

You simply need to dismantle as much gear as possible, and you will end up with a considerable stock of polycarbonate. For instance, the Legendary Chest Armor appears to have a significant amount of polycarbonate. So, you can begin with it. To increase the amount of polycarbonate that you can get via this method, it will be advisable to unlock and level up your Deconstruction Perk.

Enemy Drops

This is arguably the least reliable means of getting polycarbonate in Division 2. But, it still provides yet another option. Some enemies in Division 2, especially those in the higher tiers may drop rare and uncommon crafting materials occasionally. So, you will need to pay particular attention to their movements and watch out for any drops.

Enemies, especially from the Hyena Faction are known to drop polycarbonates. And as much as members of this faction mainly appear in the streets of Washington D.C, you can also find a large concentration of polycarbonate in the Downtown East area. You can easily identify members of the Hyena Faction by the riot helmets and gas masks they wear. So, watch out for them and be ready to collect polycarbonate at every chance.

Collect from Underground Sewers

Another method that you can use to get polycarbonate in Division 2 is to check out underground sewers. There’s a huge collection of loot in those underground sewers. And, it’s highly likely that this loot will contain polycarbonate. So, make sure you head down there once in a while. In fact, you can do this while trying to locate the keys. As you can see, you will have killed two birds with one stone.

Collect it in Washington D.C

You can also find polycarbonate scattered across different places in Washington D.C. Polycarbonate has a chance of spawning in tool boxes and crates scattered across the city. So, whether you are in free-roam or playing missions, make sure you explore the environment around you, and it’s highly likely you will chance upon some polycarbonate. Again, this method is not very reliable for getting polycarbonate. Hence, you may have to combine it with some of the other methods that we’ve discussed in this article.

How to Use Polycarbonate in The Division 2

As you can see, you have numerous options to explore when it comes to getting polycarbonate in Division2. So, what do you do with this material once you’ve obtained it? Well, you will use this material at your Crafting Station. Here, you will use it to create your weapons and gear.

Apart from creating weapons and gear, you will also need polycarbonate if you intend to upgrade your Crafting Workbench, all the way to the purple level. Also, you will need polycarbonate to complete various projects in this game. Some of the projects needed for this material include the Salvager Crew for 5 polycarbonates, Reclaimer Crew for 10 polycarbonate and Secure Salvage Route at 10 polycarbonates.

You should note that the maximum polycarbonate that you can carry at once is 300. You will reach the maximum amount once you buy the Crafting Material 3 Perk.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it, all the methods that you can use to get polycarbonate in Division 2. So, if you have been stuck on how to get polycarbonate for crafting your gear and weapons or for upgrading your Crafting Bench, then the methods we’ve outlined in this article should help you to get started.

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Where To Get Polycarbonate Division 2


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