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William Stone


January 26, 2023

If you want to take your 3D print designs to a new level, then getting the right PETG filament for your printer may be the ultimate way to enhance your craft.

There are a lot of options for PETG filaments out there, which can make selecting just one manufacturer quite challenging. You will find that some PETG filaments are considerably better than others and if you want to get the best results from your prints, you should pick one that has a good reputation within the 3D printing community.

The best PETG filaments are from MattHackers Pro Series, Amazon Basics PETG Filament, SUNLU PETG Filament, Polymaker PETG Filament, Overture PETG Filament, and Duramic PETG Filament. However, you may find that each filament is better for its own specific qualities.

If you have been 3D printing for a while then you may already have experimented with various kinds of PETG filaments. However, if you are new on the scene or are still using ABS filament, then this material may still be a new concept to you. Over the last several years, we have watched PETG filaments greatly increase in popularity, which has resulted in many print artists switching over from ABS to PETG, as this filament has some qualities to it that simply excel in providing optimum results. PETG filament is known for its smooth/gloss finish and translucent capabilities, which is exciting news for those of you that are tired of seeing dull textures with your prints. However, not all PETG filaments are made equal and there are a number of different manufacturers out there that are considerably better than the competition. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at the best PETG filaments in more detail.

After years of working as a 3D print specialist and artist, I have had an extensive amount of experience working with various kinds of PETG filaments. My experience has taught me that the best PETG filaments are those that have been made by reputable manufacturers in combination with the right settings on your 3D printer.

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Best PETG Filament Options

One of the best ways to get better 3D prints is to switch over to a PETG filament. Since they became popularized, print enthusiasts have praised the results that they get from them, as they provide a cleaner finish that has a much nicer shine than other products such as ABS materials. In addition, they also have enhanced durability compared to other popular filaments such as PLA. What you want to be careful of when buying PETG is to not mistakenly buy PET filaments, as they are very easy to confuse with one another.

PET filament has all of the essential compounds in it as a PETG filament but it is missing the glycol. This is a crucial element that makes the PETG filament such great material for 3D printing, which is why you want to ensure that you pick the right one. The glycol is what enables the PETG filament to become so soft, malleable, and easy to melt. In addition, it will keep the material from crystallizing, which is an essential characteristic that you want your prints to have.

With that being said there are some key factors to be aware of when selecting the right PETG filament. You want to have a filament that is going to give you great color and will be able to print without creating too much of a toxic smell in your workplace, which a good PETG filament certainly will allow you to do. However, you also want to confirm that you have got your 3D printer set up properly so that you can achieve these results. It is often the case that people that get a PETG filament often get poor prints due to their printer not being tuned properly.

Regardless of what PETG filament you go with, make sure that you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer so that you know the optimum extruder settings. Getting the right temperature down on your printer settings is one of the most important aspects of seeing the best results. If a temperature is not labeled, I find that the best starting point is right around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You can play around with these settings to fine-tune the results, but ultimately, if you see that your prints are coming out stringy - you need to dial the temperature back. Whereas, if they are coming out with poor adhesion - you should increase the temperature. Lastly, if you are still not happy with your PETG filament results, the one setting that may be interfering with your prints is the retraction speed - modify this as needed. Let’s dive right into the best PETG filaments.

MattHackers Pro Series PETG Filament

Picture of the MattHackers Pro Series PETG Filament

A name that tends to stand out in the 3D printing world when it comes to filament manufacturing is MattHackers. This company has been producing amazing PETG filament products for years and they offer print enthusiasts a lot of options when considering options.

MattHackers has something for every type of 3D print artist out there with budget-friendly options, high-end PETG filaments, and everything in between. With that being said, if you want to get the best possible results with your 3D prints, then you are going to want to invest in a high-end product like the Matthackers Pro Series PETG Filament.

This is one of the best PETG filaments on the market right now and it is highly regarded for its fantastic print results. It is one of the most durable and reliable materials that you can print with, as it has been tested extensively with consistent results.

The MattHackers Pro Series PETG Filament is a fantastic option for a 3D print artist that wants to have a reliable filament that can be used for a wide variety of different designs, which is why it is one of the most versatile filament products that you can buy.

In addition, the MattHackers Pro Series PETG Filament is also widely recognized as a material that is perfect for intricate designs and detailed components. That is why high-end motorcycle teams like Kawasaki entrust MattHackers’ filaments for their designs and parts.

All in all, if you want a PETG filament that is going to give you optimum results for just about every type of print design, the MattHackers Pro Series PETG Filament is going to be one of the best options to consider. Their Pro Series is also available in 13 different colors to give you a nice range of aesthetic designs and you can buy the filament in sizes such as 1.75mm and 2.85mm. This is a high-end PETG filament. So, the price is going to be a bit more costly than some of the budget options out there. The MattHackers Pro Series PETG Filament costs $55, but you will certainly get your money’s worth.

Amazon Basics PETG 3D Print Filament

Picture of the Amazon Basics PETG 3D Print Filament

Whether you are just starting out and want to experiment with your designs or you are simply a 3D print artist on a budget, dishing out cash for a top-of-the-line PETG filament is not going to always be the best option for everyone.

With that being said, just because you want to cut some costs when purchasing a PETG filament does not mean that you need to settle for a bad product. One of the best budget-friendly options on the market for PETG filaments is from Amazon Basics.

Amazon Basics has a reputation for delivering well-rounded filament products, which is exactly what they did with the PETG 3D Print Filament. This is a fantastic product and it will give you some great results with your prints - for a fraction of what you would pay for high-end PETG filaments. You can currently get yourself a 2.2 lb spool of the Amazon Basics PETG 3D Print Filament for just $37.00, which is a very solid deal for what you get.

Although this is an affordable option, this PETG filament will give you some great quality prints. You can use this PETG filament on any kind of heating bed and you are guaranteed to get the same amazing gloss finish that you would with more expensive filaments.

The great thing about buying this PETG filament is that it comes with a 1-year warranty. So, if you happen to run into any trouble, you know that you are covered with your product. In addition, the Amazon Basics PETG filament also has a wide variety of colors that you can choose from, as there are 10 to give your designs a nice variation. There may be better PETG filaments out there but for a balanced and affordable product, this one is hard to beat.


Picture of the SUNLU PETG Filament

If you have been doing 3D prints for a while, it is hard to not come across SUNLU’s products from time to time, as they are a crowd favorite among so many 3D print artists out there.

The reason that SUNLU’s PETG filaments are so highly regarded is due to their quality products in addition to their affordability. This is a 3D printing material that will not let you down, as it is capable of delivering incredible results for intricate designs.

The dimensional accuracy of the SUNLU PETG filament is among the best in the business and you will find that you can use this product with just about every kind of 3D printer on the market. What is also great about this PETG filament is that it is often a solution for people that have had a hard time getting rid of bubbles and strings in their designs.

SUNLU has designed its PETG filament to perform optimally so that it can be used in a versatile way with great results. Now, although this is a fantastic filament product, you should still try to set your printer settings within the parameters that SUNLU recommends, as this will really let your designs shine.

If you are still not sold on SUNLU’s PETG filament, its $22.00 price tag may just convince you, as this is one of the best quality PETG filaments for this price range on the market. The only drawback is that this product does not quite have the color variation of other options that we mentioned. The SUNLU PETG Filament is only available in 5 different colors, which is just fine if a color variation is not a priority for your designs.

Polymaker PETG Filament

Picture of the Polymaker PETG Filament

One PETG Filament manufacturer that I know I can always rely on is Polymaker. They make a wide variety of different filament products that are great for 3D print designs across the board, as you will find there is an option for virtually every type of design characteristic that you want to achieve.

One of my favorite things about PETG filaments from Polymaker is that they are widely recognized as being one of the most durable filaments that you can buy. They have excellent resistance to heat and 3D artists rarely (if ever) run into issues with tangles and bubbles with Polymaker’s filaments.

With that being said, Polymaker’s PETG Filament products will not match up to high-level materials like the MatterHacks Pro Series but for what you pay, you get a fantastic product that is reliable and consistent for a variety of different designs and 3D printers.

The Polymaker PETG Filament costs just $23.00 for a spool, which is a great deal that is on point with the Amazon Basics budget option. All in all, a very solid PETG filament that many 3D print artists favor over a lot of the competition.

However, one of my favorite things about the Polymaker PETG filament is that it is available in so many different colors. You can currently choose from 14 different colors for this material, which is more than what most manufacturers offer. This color selection really opens up a lot of possibilities to pursue intricate designs that have aesthetic variation, as you can combine colors for your designs or simply choose a color that many other artists do not have access to.

Overture PETG Filament

Picture of the Overture PETG Filament

One of my favorite PETG filaments that I have been using as my go-to for so many designs is from Overture. The Overture PETG Filament is a filament product that no 3D print artist should overlook.

Before we get into the superb quality designs that this PETG filament can deliver, one of the most incredible features of this product is how many different colors it comes in. In most cases, if you find a PETG manufacturer that offers more than 10 colors, that is already a great variation. However, the Overture PETG Filament is available in a staggering selection of 22 different color options. This shatters the competition, as there are virtually no PETG filaments manufacturers that even come close to offering 3D print artists this kind of variety.

If you do not like to experiment with colors with your designs, then this feature is not all that important to you. However, if you like to get creative with color patterns and like producing designs that have a unique color that stands out, the Overture PETG Filament is going to be an easy decision for you.

With that being said, colors are not the only area in which this filament manufacturer shines. The Overture PETG Filament has phenomenal dimensional accuracy so that you can design with precision. In addition, bubbles and clogs are virtually non-existent with this filament product, so long as you set your printer within the range that the manufacturer recommends.

You will also find that this PETG filament is suitable for most 3D printers on the market, which means that compatibility should not be an issue - just make sure to check your model’s specifications before you commit. However, this model is only available in 1.75mm diameter.

What is also great about Overture’s PETG Filament is that it is very affordable, as you can buy a spool for as little as $23.00. The hardest part about buying a product from Overture is deciding on just one color. This manufacturer was one step ahead of you on this one, which is why they offer some color paring options for their spools.

As you select the filament color that you want, keep an eye out for their bundle options, as they have a select number of filaments that come in pairs so that you can get color dynamics. This is a great option to consider given that you can also save money by doing it. By getting it you only pay $38.00 instead of the $23.00 each, which is an amazing bargain if you plan on buying more than one spool anyways. All in all, this is a PETG filament that you should highly consider keeping at the top of your list for color variation, quality, and as a bargain deal option.

Duramic PETG Filament

Picture of the Duramic PETG Filament

A name that not every 3D print artist is familiar with is Duramic. However, they are certainly one to remember as they manufacturer some incredible PETG filament products.

One thing that I always get annoyed with when using lower-quality PETG filaments is the amount of shrinkage that I tend to get once my product is finalized. This can be a huge letdown for so many 3D print artists out there, as you could have set all of your parameters perfectly and invested time and energy into a design - only to find that your final item comes out bad at the very end.

Duramic PETG Filament is a product that will significantly lower any signs of shrinkage. Their filament is very consistent with its capabilities and results, as it offers the same qualities as some of the leading PETG filament manufacturers.

So, you should expect common issues like bubbles, clogging, and strings to not be an issue with your designs. However, you can easily find that things like this occur if you do not set your 3D printer up properly before you begin a design. To keep this from happening, make sure that you first read the parameters and specifications that Duramic lists for their PETG filament.

With the great results that I get from Duramic’s products, I am always surprised to find that they offer one of the cheapest prices for their PETG filaments, as you can get a spool for just $21.00. This is a great product for a 3D print artist that wants quality results at a great price.

In addition, they have 14 colors for you to select from. If you consider how affordable Duramic’s PETG Filament is, you can opt to diversify your color range with your prints at a very reasonable price. All in all, this is a well-rounded PETG filament for just about any 3D print artist.


William Stone

William Stone

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