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Best 3D Printing Projects

Best 3D Printing Projects | 3D Printing Spot

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January 3, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • 3D printers are highly capable of helping you explore your engineering imagination.
  • Popular 3D printer projects include tools, toys, organizers, cases, and miniatures.
  • Making a project just involves making a plan or downloading a template for an object
  • Simply looking up an object you’d like to make will probably find you some cool ideas

3D printers are extremely versatile and useful for printing many every day objects. What are some of the best 3D projects available for you to print?

3d printer project ideas are endless. From our research and own 3D printing, we favor practical items and custom ones that either save money or are not easily found in a store. Tools, for example, are a great 3D printer project, as well as toys for kids in any shape and size.

The unique art of 3D printing allows you make just about anything you want using plastics. We looked up some of the best ideas to make while using your 3D printer. Some will save you money, and others are just generally useful, practical, and fun to make.

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Best 3D printing projects

We’ve scoured the web to find some practical, fun, and overall interesting projects you can make with the right plans and time. The possibilities are nearly unlimited. You could even make custom gifts for friends and family.

Shoe Insoles

On your feet, a lot, or generally have a hard time finding just the right fit for shoe insole?. 3D printers make printing your own shoe insole easy. Just measure your shoe, then make adjustments as needed. It’ll also be possible to get just the right thickness so you can make shoes, and your standing, last longer.


Some places, including homes, might not provide the best ramps for a person in a wheelchair or walker. Printing a hollow ramp can be quite easy with a 3D printer. Even better, a lightweight plastic ramp can be kept in your vehicle or even a side bag to be easily deployed when needed.

Frames for glasses

Not satisfied with the glasses styles out there? Even less satisfied with the crazy pricing and wait time on some frames? Plastic frames are 3D printable, and with durable plastics you can make your own style of frame. Just carefully measure for the inclusion of lenses, and you can make any style you want for cheap.

You could also print 3D pieces that fix your existing frames instead of printing the whole thing.

Coffee Maker

3D printed plastic parts handle hot water pretty well. Making a 3D printed coffee maker involves a few parts, but can make your kitchen stand out with your own unique design crafted into a simple drip press. Plans are findable online, and the choice of color and size can be up to you.

Cord cases

There are quite a few home electronics out there that still use cords - or maybe you just enjoy the high quality audio they provide. Instead of wrapping cords around the item, or whatever you find convenient, you could make a simple triangle or square that lets you wrap your currently unused cord around, then clip it onto something like your backpack or shirt.

Toothpaste squeezer

We get tired of trying to push every last ounce of toothpaste out of the tube, then having to get more, sooner. A toothpaste squeezes is a simple rollable, tight clip you could put at the end of your toothpaste tube for a roll toward the start when you are runningout.


The number and quality of tools you can make cheaply and quickly with a 3D printer is outstanding. The only exception we can think of this is that a 3D printer can’t make a good blade for a small saw, but some screws and experimentation make that possible too.

A 3D printer can make a screwdriver that fits just the right size instead of going out to buy a whole new set if you lose or break one.

One of our favorite ideas about the ability to make tools that fit in the right spot. Ever had an issue that you need pliers for, but the handles or head on the pliers from your garage were too bulky to fit in a tight space comfortably? Measure it out and see what fits in there, and print a pliers in an afternoon.

Phone cases

Some people like their phone cases to fit just right, or offer a design that you would normally overpay for. Put your favorite quote, color, or even a picture on a phone case and have it fit your favorite phone just right. You also get more choices for materials. We dislike phone cases that are overly heavy or slippery and could find plastics that fit our likes.

RC cars

Since you can print just about any plastic pieces, why not make a remote controlled car? A battery powered car is very possible. You can basically make almost any size you want, and custom paint it, if you even need it given the selection of colors you could print.


Yes, you can 3D print a dress. Why would you print a 3D dress? We have a couple of reasons for you: You could make any size you want, so if you can’t find a dress that fits just right or makes you look just the way you want, you could measure up and literally make your own.

3D printing also affords you the ability to make more specific designs, limited really only by your imagination and the resins you use. For eco conscience buyers, a plastic dress is more sustainable than cloth - you can literally melt it down and reuse the plastics when you are done wearing it.


Finding just the right organized to fit in your kitchen r office can be difficult, simply because organizers and  holders can serve many purposes. So why not print an organized that is just the right side for paperwork and notebooks, pencils, and pens? You could even make a bay with multiple slots of different shapes to organize small parts. We would also highly suggest making this modular and having a consistent way to keep the parts together so that you can add larger or smaller pieces later.


A 3D printer makes toys printable. Does your kid have an idea for a toy that you don’t see on shelves, or is way overpriced?

Printing an action figure set with basic drawings is quite easy with a 3D printer. You could even involve the kids and have them design with as a family project. Mattel also makes a printer for under $500 that helps you and the kids both develop ideas and actual models of the stuff you want to make. The possibilities are literally endless and the kids will have a blast making their own stuff.

Kitchen utensils

Lots of kitchen utensils like spatulas, forks, and spoons are made of plastic today - especially if they are made for kids. A 3D printer makes printing just the right size and balance of any kitchen utensil possible.

Strong suggestion: Make sure your 3D printed materials are food-safe before starting this. Plastic does wear and could end up in your food and stomach over time. Also, don’t use brass nozzles for the purpose. The heat of 3D printing could cause the brass to leach small amounts of lead into your silverware.

Mini Phone Amp

We think these look funny, but they definitely work. Make a tray for your phone that has a hollow portion that envelopes the speakers at the bottom. Print a back with two openings (for stereo sound!) and let the sound flow out! These are great for trying to get your phone to be a bit louder. Experiment with different plastic types to see which sounds the best.


Finding just the right wallet for your cards, ID and cash isn’t easy. Some are just way overdone and in a lot of cases, rather expensive. 3D print a wallet with just the right number of slots and thickness, and you won’t have to worry as much about getting your wallet out of your pocket.

Even better, you can just print another and melt the old if you find you need more or less space.

Vinyl records

Yes, it is possible to get a sound file that will print onto a plastic disc! Making your own vinyl is even more fun if you have a chance to make your own music too. The record will be fully playable on a record player too. Note that a self-created and printed plastic vinyl won’t sound like a real vinyl record, but this is definitely a fun and education project to take on.

Clothes hangers

Another great use of 3D printing for an item you can almost never have too much of! Printing a clothes hanger comes in handy in a pinch, or when an item is oddly sized. Measure once, make the print, and it doesn’t work out quite right you can always do it again. Instead of buying a whole bunch of the same or similar size clothes hanger, you can print what you need for cheap without getting an inferior product.

Laptop stand

With the rise of work from home comes the more frequent use of laptops. Laptops themselves aren’t overly ergonomic, especially when they are used on a couch or someplace where you sit relaxed. You could print a laptop stand at just the right angle, with enough additional room for your mouse and cables.

Let’s be honest: laptop stands are expensive and kind of hard to find. Making one that is just the right height, or even adjustable can make a big difference in work comfort.

Mini catapult

By printing simple levers and a holder, you can easily make a mini catapult. Got a boring day in the office or want to take a little break? Make a target or a hoop to shoot an object through.

Survival whistle

3D printers are often also self sufficient or into self defense on some level. One can easily use a template to create a survival whistle with a call that is a bit over 100 decibels and very capable of helping someone either find or, or alert that you need help. These are also very cheap to make and very light.


Jewelry is actually a very common 3D printed item to sell. Using the right colors of resins makes for highly durable, and honestly, flashy jewelry sold for just a few dollars. Can you tell it’s not real? Of course! Is it fun anyway, yes.

A 3D printed necklace or ring is more fun, and less money, than buying dollar store or fake jewelry otherwise.


The world of figurines is powered in part by 3D printing. Being able to make anything you want is huge!

Where can I find plans?

All of the above are great ideas. While you can actively design many of these 3D objects yourself with CAD software or the software that came with your 3D printer, it is sometimes easier to find and use someone else’s plan.

Thankfully, there are lots of websites out there that offer cheap or free plans for making 3D-printed projects. We’ve used Instructables as well as Printables, but suggest you find the one that works best for you.

We suggest trying to search on Google or Bing to find a 3d printing template related to the item you want to make, or seek lessons on using CAD for the purpose.

How can I decide what to make?

The possibilities for a 3D printer are literally endless. There are many other practical applications for 3D printing that could be quite specific to your household and needs. Rather than running out to a store and finding something as simple as a toothbrush holder or new toy, you could develop and print one yourself.

While researching the many, many options available to you, I also noticed a trend where people would make custom projects and eventually turn them into businesses. Making small parts for toys, games, or even custom pieces for medical devices is rather popular and much cheaper than buying from a store.

Are plastics durable enough for projects?

The plastics you use to make 3D printed objects are as durable as the ones you would find at a department store, for the most part. Projects also make it possible to choose your own strength of resin as multiple types of plastic are readily possible.

Note that different resins and filaments are available for your 3D printer. Some resins and filaments are easier to use than others and work better with certain printers and nozzles.

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