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Where To Put A 3D Printer

Where To Put A 3D Printer | 3D Printing Spot

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January 13, 2023

Are you looking for a suitable location where to put a 3D printer? Where should one place a 3D printer? We have the answers.

Where would be a suitable location to put a 3D printer? What are the things one should take into account when choosing the location of your 3D printer? Is it advisable to set the 3D printer directly on the ground or on a raised platform?

There are various ideal locations to put a 3D printer. They include; studios, home or business offices, and garages. Additionally, the 3D printer should be kept in a place free from combustible elements, good air circulation, and a place where children or pets cannot damage the 3D printer.

This article will explore some of the suitable places to put a 3D printer and the things one should consider before choosing an ideal space. It will also examine whether it is advisable to position a 3D printer directly on the ground or on a raised platform. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a 3D printer, but are wondering what the best place to put it is, this article will guide you on this.

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The improvement in the 3D printing technology has led to the rapid formation of components that would have taken a long period to invent. Almost every element related to business and other personal life has been impacted by 3D printing. In the medical environment, 3D printers are kept in laboratories and are used to make human tissues for research and medical testing while in the building and construction environment, 3D printers print out complex architectural designs that are affordable and fast.

Other applications of 3D printing are in art and anthropology. For effective printing, there should be a proper place where the users can access the printers and provide safety to other individuals regarding their health and safety. When it comes to 3D printing, measures are taken to ensure that the users are safe and comfortable when printing.

3D printers regularly release fumes and other gasses that may pose defects to the respiratory system. When placing a 3D printer in a house, ensure not to keep it in functional spaces such as the bedroom and the living room.  3D printers also produce loud noises due to the movement of its components. It may cause disturbance in the area and therefore, one should place it in a soundproof room.

The Places to Put a 3D Printer

There are various suitable places one can keep their 3D printers. It depends on the use of the 3D printer and the space available. Whether one is using a 3D printer at home or in the office, the following are the suitable places to keep a 3D printer:

Home and Business Offices

If there is no garage in the house, a home office can be suitable to put a 3D printer. One should place it on a flat surface to ensure that its elements are working in an upright position. Put the printer in a fixed position to avoid shifting it from one place to another within the office. Shifting is avoided because most 3D printers, such as open frame models, are sensitive to the z-axis. Therefore, when shifting the printer, ensure that the height and ground level are equal before moving it to a new position.

When placing the printer in a business office, ensure its position is in a place that does not interfere with the movement of clients and users. Additionally, ensure that the 3D printer has no contact with any material that may be combustible. It is because, during the printing process, 3D printers tend to produce heat that may cause fire when it comes to contact with flammable materials.


For those with studios in their homes or workplaces, it can provide a suitable place to put a 3D printer. Ensure that the studio's lighting is not too bright because some 3D printers, such as the SLA 3D printers, use a resin material that is sensitive to light. Additionally, keep the 3D printer away from the windows and any other openings that can allow sun rays to pass through. If the room has large windows, use opaque curtains and ensure they are not hanging over the printer.

Garage Area

The garage provides an ideal spot to install a 3D printer, assuming one can access the room. Typically, a garage has plenty of room for equipment and supplies, and one can quickly provide air circulation by opening the garage windows or even buying a portable fan. The garage offers the best place because it is separate from the other living area. Therefore, when the 3D printer is operating, it cannot cause disturbance to the individuals living in the house with the vibrations and foul odors it produces.

Factors to Consider before choosing a Location to Put a 3D Printer

Selecting an ideal location is essential for effective printing and the overall safety of the user and other individuals. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing a place to put a 3D printer:


The temperature of an area is essential in deciding on a suitable location to keep 3D printers. Areas that are too hot cannot be ideal for 3D printers such as FDM because it produces a lot of heat during printing. Whereas areas that are too cold are not suitable for printers because they need to produce enough heat to make quality prints.  If the area has high temperatures, ensure that the room has sufficient ventilation to allow air circulation by opening the windows. Installing fans can be a suitable remedy if the room has little or no ventilation to provide a constant supply of fresh air.

Security and Monitoring

If the place is in a remote area, one should ensure that there is security in the area. There should be enough lighting in the area to monitor movement in case of vandalism. It is advisable to stay away from the 3D printer while it is printing. The printer emits harmful gasses that can interfere with health and overall safety. Therefore, one needs to install a wireless camera that helps to monitor the printing process while being in a remote place.

The Level of the Ground

When choosing a suitable place to put a 3D printer, one needs to know if one will keep the 3D printer on the ground or on a raised platform on top of a desk. In any case, one must ensure that the 3D printer rests on a flat and stable surface. Placing the 3D printer directly on the ground can lead to the transmission of noise and vibrations to other areas of the house, and therefore, it is not advisable to put the printer directly. One can put a thick mat on the ground and then put the printer over it so that it helps to absorb the vibrations produced. Additionally, ensure that the platform on which the 3D printer is lying is solid and stable to avoid misaligning the frames of the printer, which can lead to shifting problems.

Wrapping it Up

The popularity of 3D printers has grown to the level that they can be utilized in households. Using a 3D printer in a place where people regularly congregate is hazardous due to the emission of harmful gasses. Exposure to these gasses may increase the risk of respiratory abnormalities as well as general disruption. One should keep a 3D printer in a soundproof location with sufficient ventilation, and access to a wireless camera for monitoring and surveillance.

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Where To Put A 3D Printer


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